Finca Spirit Mountain - Honey Processed

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This coffee is a honey processed coffee that gives it a unique flavor and body. The result is a nice light syrupy body with sweet honey notes. It comes from a small farm in the Dominican Republic that focuses on quality over quantity named Spirit Mountain. Spirit Mountain produces roughly 25,000 lbs of coffee each year and only about 2,500 lbs of it is this special honey processed.

Roast:  Medium

Origin: The Dominican Republic

Region: Manabao, La Vega

Producer: Spirit Mountain

Weight: Net 8 oz

Honey process is almost like the middle ground between washed and natural. During the honey process, you wash away the red cherry but not the mucilage around the bean. Now what is mucilage? The mucilage is a sweet protective coating covering the bean. Once the cherry is washed off, the bean is then dried in its mucilage. The drying process can last between 10-15 days and requires the beans to be turned almost hourly for them to be dried evenly. The sweetness from the mucilage is transferred into the bean creating a sweet flavor like honey. It does not give the coffee any of the fruit (berry) flavors per say but it does give the coffee a syrupy like body and of course the sweet notes become prominent.  


For every 12 oz of coffee sold, we set aside $1 to help GO Ministries provide entrepreneurship classes and vocational training to communities in the Dominican Republic.