Jason's Experimental Series - Dominican Geisha
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Jason's Experimental Series - Dominican Geisha

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We have a very limited amount of these 8oz bags.

Spirit Mountain was the first farm in the Dominican Republic to cultivate this special coffee.  This Geisha came from Boquete Panama and has been planted high on the farm, between 4,000 – 4,500 feet elevation.  The cold winter temperatures high on the farm, make our Geisha unique.

Roast:  Medium

Origin: Dominican Republic 

Region: Manabao, Jarabacoa 

Process: Washed

Weight: Net 8 oz

Tasting Notes: Tons of citrus and very bright. One of the first notes we got from our tasting was a lime citrus flavor that mellowed out as the coffee cooled down. Truly a very unique cup as  you drink it hot to cold.