Sponsor a Child

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Through the GO Kids Sponsorship Program, we are able to offer these families an otherwise unattainable private Christian school education for students pre-K through 9th grade. This education offers opportunities unavailable in public schools and the regular exposure to knowing Jesus as Lord.

As a THANK YOU, we will send you a hand made Christmas tree craft or a card from one of our unsponsored kids. 

If you would like to learn more about GO Kids, please visit - https://gomin.org/gokids/

How your GO Kids Sponsorship makes a difference:

  • Tuition scholarship for your child
  • Regular instruction in the Gospel
  • A Christmas & Birthday gift
  • Text books
  • School supplies
  • Regular access to a library & computer lab
  • Smaller classes
  • Professional development training for the students’ teachers
  • A quality learning environment
  • And so much more!