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About Us


GO Ministries seeks to empower passionate, local leaders serving inside their cultures to REDEEM people, RENEW communities and RESTORE creation by developing dynamic international partnerships in ministry that result in mutual transformation. GO Ministries is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.



GO Ministries serves thousands of people in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Mongolia, and urban America through local leaders.  GO Ministries is built from Partnerships in Ministry with churches, businesses, individuals and local leaders.  

Kingdom Business is Business that is aimed at advancing the Kingdom of Christ. The purpose is to serve Christ through community and donating profits to the Great Commission. Through GO Ministries and its work Nationals in third world countries as well as the functioning poor throughout the United States are supported. This is done through the empowerment of individuals within their own community, giving them purpose and hope not only in Jesus but in their work.

The power of International Partnership is that it serves as a catalyst for mutual transformation.  It is a cross-cultural embodiment of iron sharpening iron and it strengthens Christian community on both sides of the Partnership.