About Us


GO Ministries seeks to empower passionate, local leaders serving inside their cultures to REDEEM people, RENEW communities and RESTORE creation by developing dynamic international partnerships in ministry that result in mutual transformation. GO Ministries is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.




Within GO Ministries, our Kingdom Business Team leads our small business initiatives. Kingdom Business is business that is advancing the Kingdom of Christ. Our purpose is to develop small businesses and enterprises to create jobs, provide income, and teach skills to those in need. All of these endeavors allow us to glorify God by our business presence, character, service, quality and integrity throughout the communities we serve in the world.


We treat all of our artisans and employees with the utmost respect and work with in fair trade practices to provide fair wages and fair payment for all of the items we have on our online store. We recycle our profits and pour them right back into the communities we work in to further help the people and their community. In most cases we take a step back and let local leadership take the lead in many projects because they know their culture, their people, and their communities better than we do.