In modern day, family can look very different. The women from Mongolia have grown up knowing a different side of “family”, a painful side. Father, brother, boyfriend, or even mothers have pushed their children into Human trafficking and Prostitution. A child growing into a young adult naturally trusts in their parents, thinking that they will do what is best for them, until one chain gets linked to another and they are being rushed into the grasp of an unknown person. Each day they are stripped of their dignity, and their innocence is turned into a cold haunting reality. Their bodies are marked with bruises, cuts, and deep wounds. The greatest wound is in their hearts. They live in a world of abuse where they are being worthlessly used.


Until… link-by-link those chains are broken.


They are free from that grueling grasp, but the healing process will take time. Day by day. They can now fall into the arms of a true father. The one who has given them a purpose and will patch up that wound in their heart. Calling them Beloved Daughters.

This past Mongolian Lunar New year, these women were able to experience family in the way God intended it to be, at the Streams in the Desert shelter. Gathered around a table, sharing a meal, with more joy on their faces they laughed and shared time together. They are safe. They have been adopted into the Kingdom of God and can now be in family, with the chains broken having a sense of purpose to bring their story to the world through their designed products.

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