Rejoicing in Heaven

In the previous blog post, there were wounds exposed, hurt, as one of our ladies Khishigt went back to the streets. Exposed and vulnerable she went back to pain and numbness. The bottle in her hand to numb the pain.

However, GODS love is unfailing. Psalm 19:22 says, “what a person desires is UNFAILING LOVE”. All a person wants in the depths of their heart is unfailing love. Knowing there is someone who will never leave them. Even in pain, exposure, complete vulnerability, unfailing love NEVER left Khishigt.

The Heavens Rejoice, the angels sing. Imagine a beautiful celebration in Heaven when one sinner returns home. Thy kingdom come, on earth as it is in Heaven. She returned back to a representation of Heaven, safe home. That Christian man who was told to never date her because of her sins, cut to the core of her, BUT GOD IS GREATER and his love is unfailing. No matter the alcohol and prostitution, God never left Khishigt.

Let us rejoice because she found her way back home. Khishigt is back at Streams in the Desert and her hands that God created are making steady and firm pieces of jewelry, just as Jesus’ love is steady and firm. Her pain is mended and shaped just as the jewelry. These pieces are forever part of her.

When you wear a scarf or a Free Her necklace you are standing firm with our woman. You are standing firm with her pain, her suffering, her wounds, her vulnerability, her redemption and resilience. Stand firm with our woman as they heal, become restored back to Jesus, and stand firm to their identity being brought back to them. Khishigt you are loved with an UNFAILING LOVE.

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